TESLA SimplePhone A50
TESLA SimplePhone A50
TESLA SimplePhone A50
TESLA SimplePhone A50
TESLA SimplePhone A50
TESLA SimplePhone A50
TESLA SimplePhone A50

TESLA SimplePhone A50

Mobile phone with charging stand

  • easy operation
  • large buttons and a large color display
  • 3 favorite contacts as photo icons
  • Dual SIM
  • SOS button

Mobile phone with easy operation and large display

This model is not only for seniors, but for all who are looking for an easy-to-use mobile phone at an attractive price.

Charging stand
The mobile phone comes with a practical charging stand, which you just plug in and the battery charging is started automatically. 

You can assign a photo to individual contacts, and you can easily identify who is calling you on the color display. By pressing the dedicated button, the camera can also be started very quickly. 

Favorite numbers
Three reserved buttons on the front of the phone are available for making calls to favorite numbers. For easy discovery, these 3 favorite contacts pictures can also be seen directly on the screen as photos above the M1, M2 or M3 buttons.

SOS call and SMS emergency message
A SOS button is located on the back side of the phone, by pressing this button the phone will automatically dial the preset numbers and send an emergency SOS message to them.

FM radio
There is no need to connect the headphones to listen to the FM radio, the antenna is integrated inside the phone. Automatic tuning of radio stations and high-quality listening directly from the speaker increase the convenience of using your phone.

The practical torch switches on and off with a dedicated button on the side of the phone and can be used even when the phone is switched off.

Bluetooth handsfree connections can be used, for example, while driving in a car.

Mechanical keypad lock
The button is located on the right side of the phone. It eliminates the need to unlock the keypad with a combination of keys and the control of the phone is even more convenient and simple.

Memory card support
Your phone supports playback of music files stored on the microSDHC card. The selected music file can be assigned, for example, as a ringtone.

  • clear and simple menu
  • attractive design
  • large ergonomic big buttons
  • large 2.3" color contrast display
  • very easy to operate
  • long battery life
  • three dedicated keys (M1, M2, M3) for favorite contacts
  • the ability to assign a photo to a contact
  • the ability to turn your phone on and off at a preset time
  • loud speaker and ringtone
  • SOS help button on the back side
  • Dual SIM (standardSIM/standardSIM)
  • stand for easy battery charging
  • display resolution 240 x 320 px
  • GSM 850/900/1 800/1 900 MHz
  • five user profiles
  • vibration ringing
  • a sliding key to lock the keyboard on the right side of the phone
  • the volume control button on the left side of the phone
  • 3.5 mm headphone input
  • microUSB connector
  • FM radio without having to connect headphones with automatic or manual tuning
  • possibility to insert a microSDHC card
  • powerful speaker for loud hands-free calls
  • VGA camera
  • image viewer
  • music player with MP3 file support
  • digital voice recorder
  • Bluetooth
  • alarm clock
  • calendar
  • calculator
  • notes
  • unit conversion
  • stopwatch
  • torch with the ability to turn on even when the phone is switched off
  • talk time up to 6 hours
  • stand by time up to 300 hours
  • Li-Ion battery 1 050 mAh
  • phone dimensions 120 x 56 x 12 mm
  • weight 91 g with battery

User manual


Package content

  • TESLA SimplePhone A50, white colour
  • charging stand
  • 230 V charger
  • user manual


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